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Government HIF funding secured to unlock Meridian Water

10 Sept 2019

Enfield Council have secured £156 million government HIF funding for essential site infrastructure works to unlock the 10,000 home Meridian Water Masterplan. The infrastructure design is rooted in great placemaking principles delivering over 8 Hectares of Parkland, five new bridges, the naturalisation of the Pymmes Brook and improved foot and cycle access to the River Lea and Lea Valley Regional Park. 

Comprehensive remediation, re-levelling, flood mitigation, services and road delivery as well as rail track and signalling upgrades to the WAML line will provide essential technical infrastructure. A detailed planning application to deliver the HIF infrastructure has already been submitted along with an Outline application for 258,000sqm of mixed-use development for up to 2,300 homes, as well as workspace, retail, and social infrastructure.

Masterplanning, Architecture and Design has been led by Karakusevic Carson Architects; Engineering and Planning has been led by Arup and Periscope have led the Landscape design. The teams have established an excellent collaborative approach to help transform the sites constraints into fantastic opportunities for placemaking which address the Council’s key aspirations to create a high-quality place to live and work with active streets and a healthy ‘green‘ environment that promotes health, leisure and sustainability.