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We are architects and urban designers at the forefront of public housing design and major civic projects in the UK and internationally. We formed almost two decades ago with an aim to raise the standard of social housing in the UK after almost 40 years of neglect, and have since worked almost exclusively with the public sector to adapt, repair and create equitable and liveable homes and neighbourhoods that reflect civic need.

Having pioneered meaningful ways of working with residents and local communities, we collaboratively evolve and refine designs, exploring considerations of context, scale, light and space, and materiality to produce exceptional housing and urban strategies that are unique to each site. From individual affordable housing to larger urban schemes, our focus is on the creation of beautiful and elegant buildings that are intelligentially planned, highly‑crafted and detailed and bring delight to the people who live there.

Focussed on working with the public sector, we are now appointed as architects and masterplanners by fifteen leading London councils, the Greater London Authority (GLA), Transport for London, Portsmouth City Council, Homes England and Olympic Legacy panels. In 2021 we were selected via international competition for public projects in France and Canada.

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