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Study trip to Paris

20 Apr 2016

Hot on the trail of exemplar housing old and new, the studio headed to Paris in 2016 for a study trip that sought to find out just how our friends across the channel do things.

Paris and London have grown up together. There are no two international cities in the world with so much shared history. However the distinct ways in which each city has built and responded to social and economic challenges is in sharp contrast.

Over three days we explored the buzzing periphery of the city around the Canal Saint Martin, took in the latest projects of the ZAC Rive Gauche and Clichy Batignolle with friends Avenier Cornejo Architects, stood in awe at the monumental POMO housing of Noisy Le Grand, got re-familiar with Le Corbusian classics and discovered a new hero in the form of French modernist Fernand Pouillon.