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Martlesham & Rochford refurbishment

  • Aerial view of Large Panel System (LPS) estate buildings, 2020

  • Martlesham House, 2020

  • Axonometric showing essential structural and fire safety building works

  • Axonometric showing upgrades to courtyards, communal entrances, stair cores and building fabric

  • Axonometric showing possible levels of intervention; structural, refurbishment, façade upgrades, private amenity, services

  • Illustrative view of Martlesham House with rendered façade

  • Illustrative view of Martlesham House with self-supporting façade

  • Illustrative view of ground floor entrances at Martlesham House

  • Illustrative view of ground floor residential entrances and street landscaping

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Haringey Council 
The London Borough of Haringey
Units and density
176 homes, 135dph
infill of carparking areas at ground floor

Martlesham and Rochford are two housing retrofit pilot projects which form part of our wider estate framework for Broadwater Farm in North London. The expansive, community‑led project seeks to physically and socially repair a neighbourhood through the creation of better quality council homes, public routes, landscaping and civic facilities.

Originally built in the 1960s, Martlesham and Rochford are two Large Panel System (LPS) buildings which have undergone significant alterations over the last three decades, guided by shifts in building legislation, the practical changing needs of residents, and different material approaches, resulting in buildings which are physically layered, complex, poorly insulated and with no coherent identity. Critically, these original buildings were found to contain deep‑rooted structural and material risks which, despite a long programme of remedial works, still require considered resolution to bring them up to standard. 

Our refurbishment designs seek to resolve a set of core structural issues, understand the accumulated adaptations and explore different options to; improve their thermal performance; extend their lifespan and enhance the quality and comfort of the living spaces. 

Ranging from essential retrofit works to more in‑depth and comprehensive interventions, we have developed four refurbishment scenarios for Haringey Council which could work within allocated public resources and create possible futures for the buildings and their inhabitants. Each refurbishment scenario has been approached holistically, with attention paid to how the existing buildings can upgraded and supplement our wider estate vision, as well as how architectural character and integrity for these original buildings can be restored and respected. Within these designs, options for converting the open sided garages to provide a range of new, active uses have been explored to unite the buildings into the wider urban design and public realm strategy.

Martlesham and Rochford are two of a collection of sixteen 1960s LPS buildings at Broadwater Farm. These pilot projects will be tested and refined before each refurbishment takes place over the coming years. They are an important opportunity to test and refine retrofit works in‑situ, and establish a set of technical guidelines and standards which the other buildings of their kind can follow.

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