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‘Exemplary Housing Estate Regeneration’ in Europe – with the Architects’ Journal

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Published in June 2015 and produced in collaboration with the Architects’ Journal, ‘Exemplary Housing Estate Regeneration in Europe’ was a publication that brought together an international range of projects to discuss alternative approaches to estate redevelopment and public housing.

Challenging the assumption of ‘demolition first’ approaches that defined much development of the late 1990s and early 2000s, it showcased a new generation of projects that captured alternative design approaches that included the possibilities of working with our post-war housing heritage refurbishment differently.

Featuring 16 case studies, interviews and essays from Ellis Woodman and author Owen Hatherley, the research on emerging international best practice led us to write and publish ideas and concepts that later informed the creation of ‘Social Housing’ in 2017 with the RIBA.

As well as capturing the salient issues, challenges and opportunities of estate redevelopment, the publication featured carefully researched historical information and a timeline of key events in the evolution
of public housing in Europe in order to provide the built and legislative context for a new era of affordable housing in the UK.